Membership Prices

Age 12-17

$ 25 Monthly
  • We work with you to help form healthy habits with your children and adolescents
  • Preparation of independence of healthy lifestyle practices

Age 18-39

$ 55 Monthly
  • During this age life-long habits become solidified
  • We will work together to build healthy habits that last

Age 40-64

$ 75 Monthly
  • We work with you to prevent illness and chronic disease
  • Ensuring healthy lifestyle habits

Age 65 & Over

$ 89 Monthly
  • Maximizing quality of life is essential
  • We work with you to manage chronic diseases

All members of Advanced Family Care receive discounts on our various IV services and much more!

5% discount for annual payment in full

5% membership discount for couples

10% membership discount for families of 3+ in the same household

Healthcare for your Small Business

Advanced Family Care provides unlimited high-quality healthcare for $55/month per employee.
*For businesses enrolling greater than 5+ employees.