Direct Primary Care-A Revolution in Family Practice

Direct Primary Care…say that again? Direct Primary Care also known as “DPC” is a unique and revolutionary model to healthcare. DPC allows patients to build a trusting relationship with their provider through open communication, unlimited access and unrushed appointments. This is the type of healthcare most primary care providers envisioned they would be providing; however traditional medicine had an alternate agenda. It is typical for traditional family practices to have a daily quota they must meet for reimbursement purposes. Often, this number is around 20-24 patients a day. This can leave patient’s feeling rushed and questions going unanswered.

Direct Primary Care practices are increasing at a rapid rate, with nearly 1300 practice nationwide, it is becoming a sought-after form of healthcare. DPC allows providers to practice quality medicine and enables patients to play a significant role in their plan of care. A monthly membership fee allows unlimited access and a personal relationship with your primary care provider. Initially, the DPC model was most attractive for individuals who are uninsured, however, in recent years patients often switch insurance to a high-deductible plan and embrace this form of healthcare.  It is factual that having insurance does not mean quality care and this is where DPC plays a unique and pivotal role in our healthcare system. 

Check out this video that explains a bit more about direct primary care: